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I have a love for music and appreciate those who share the same! I find adventure in searching for humble talented people with true voices. Lived in the city all my life, so I adore hiking in places outside of the busy life! I have 2 homes… my first located in Toronto Can, and second in Hong Kong! A new found love to Teach.. challenged to attempt to teach all ages! I LOVE to travel.. have only been to minimal areas of China, parts of the States and not enough of O Canada! I love YELLOW… in fact TOO much, I find myself oddly wearing the color, and even enjoying fruits and food of the color. I’m blessed to have friends of all sorts, loyal friends… & I find that a friends listing will never be accurate for the simple reason that we will always meet new faces and surprisingly best of friends until the day our lives end. I use the word blessed because My Lord provides for me all that is needed through His grace that I do not deserve. I Love God and without Him, I am nothing!

my passion
My passion comes from my testimony that began from a long journey since I was a child. However, it wasn’t until 5 years ago did I feel my calling to serve in Asia, a life that was so unfamiliar to me, so unimaginable, so exciting! I was sent on a mission 2 summers ago in the heart of China, Sichaun where my ignorance was first shattered. Since then, I’ve put aside my spoiled, ignorant, and selfish me and gave my life up to God. I find my life to be a walking tool, servant following His footsteps slowly and obediently. Only through this path will my life be fulfilled and pleasing. He guides me every step of the way as the journey away from home to an unfamiliar place has yet to be continued.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Time is what I've been blessed with!

Over the past 3 years, time was something I couldn't manage because I was always trying to find time to fit everything into my daily weeks schedule. I remember asking God, "couldn't you make more time in a day!"

The past 2 months, I've been blessed with the luxury of time.. my hours at work have been decreased giving me more time to "spend my time doing other things." At first I would waste no time and plan out my entire week, meeting up with friends for lunch, hanging out at my church lounge, heading to the gyms. But as this became a routine, I began to just head home and rest taking my time for granted.

I had begun to feel like time was passing me by and I was not contributing to anything. I started to ask God what is was that he wanted me to do with my time. Surely, I know that the Lord would never want any of us to just let time pass us by. God is faithful and an answer came, this extra blessing of time was to prepare me for a further step into my calling. Over the next few weeks there will be many changes as I head closer and closer to His calling in my life. Will keep you posted!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inspired by the book of Genesis..

I remember picking up the Bible for the first time in my teens and flipping through the first few books of the Old Testament. A lot of the readings reminded me of tedious homework and forceful memorization of literature that would do me little for my future. Who would had thought that I'd pick up that same Bible and instead of randomly flipping through the Old Testament, I would randomly flip through the New Testament and start reading in no particular order. Soon I became ADDICTED to the word and completed the NT within 1/2 a year. I remember this thought had come across my mind.. I can't believe the ultimately book/literature I've ever needed to help me with virtually every problem, every question in my life was sitting on my shelf, next to my bedside and even my purse the ENTIRE time. Prior to ever reading the Bible, I had puchased enough to place all over my room as docoration, protection, collect dust, show and tell, the list goes on.

And yet another silly thought had come across my mind.. "now that I've completed the NT, I better slow down or I'd complete the entire Bible within a year and not have anything else to read." SILLY ME.. actually STUPID ME. That thought was immediately crushed, answered, slapped in my face when a speaker spoke at my church THE VINE informing all that the Bible never grows old, nor can you ever really complete it b/c everytime you go to flip to it, something NEW comes from it. It's living, it's breathing, it's alive! like WOAH, this thing is ALIVE?????.. well I can accept this!

Anyways, the story goes.. I've finally decided to open the OT and have begun in the BEGINNNING, my goal is to complete the OT in a year in consecutive order. So far so good.. From Adam to Noah to Shem to Abraham to Ishmael & Isaac to Esau & Jacob to Joseph... woosh..


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wow.. past month has been hectic with Weddings, Parties, Surprise Parties, and more dinner parties.. I will write less and put up PICTURES for ya'll to enjoy!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ben and Suki Tse

The morning

The Evening

Friday, October 20, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY.. you know we love you!So we celebrated Gabby's early bird birthday the past Monday at Ocean Park! You know the saying "a picture could tell a thousand words?" well.. the following pictures don't tell a thousand words, but maybe a couple! ENJOY!!

The beautiful Gabby Lee

We take Ocean Park seriously.

Boytime even at the Park.

Some fun..

By evening...

Reminded of God's love!! Just stumbled across Joe Chow's video page and watched the video he made from The Vine's Mission trip to Beijing in April. Thank you Joe for reminding me of God's love for his people in China!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

So I understand that this entry has taken too long. On September 24th 2006, the girls celebrated Suki's final SINGLEHOOD party AKA Hen AKA Bachelorette! Suki being the amazing character that she is was forced to sign a contract in obedience to all the attendees of the days event. Upon contract, Suki was the first wear her amazing outfit as her favorite character.. so we suppose "CATWOMAN".. A bit reluctant at first, but soon the CAT WOMAN inside Suki came flaming out. The day included some tasks and of course causing too much disturbance in the streets of Hong Kong, but none the less Suki and her kittens had an amazing meow fiesta! You can ask Questions, but doesn't necessarily mean you'll get answers! enjoy the pics..

the contract

the kittens

the streets

the attention

the cake & Grand Hyatt


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Currently, I've been participating in a seminar called Cleansing Streams which literally cleanses your soul. The title of the seminar was the eye candy for me as I really wanted to see more growth in my spiritual walk. It's a little like sitting through a lecture on campus, back in the days of University... but different because I made the decision to take time for it. Involved are readings, daily devotions, attendance every other week for 1 day and your heart, mind & soul. It's been approximately 2 months since and my entire body, mind & soul already feels complete. I can't tell you how excited I am for the final retreat which is scheduled next week as I believe I will truly be cleansed. People, faces, heart aches, pains, struggles, unforgiveness, negative attitudes, neg. thoughts, neg. actions of the PAST have been dugged up from the grave and set in front of my face to deal with. On one end.. your own desires tell you to forget about them, they don't really mean that much or hurt that much. On another end.. the devil tells you, you did all you could and these people don't deserve your forgiveness nor did you do anything to be asked for forgiveness. Yet on another end.. God leads you to drop your pride and to do what is counter culture to the worlds standard and that these past obstacles will once and for all be freed. I chose God and I am free. I can easily say that today, right here and now September 21, 2006 I love more than I thought I could, I'm more joyous than I thought I could be, I have Faith knowing that the Lord will always take one step ahead of me first to guide my path. All the glory to our Father up in Heaven. Talk to you soon.

posted by cece # 9/21/2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back on track! The storms have come and gone and after the storm, everything is calm and restful! Once again God has proven that perseverence indeed builds character and everything is "still"!

Lied in bed few nights ago counting my blessings just like a child counting her sheep to sleep!

posted by cece # 8/19/2006
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